Whistle While You Work


A lot of people in today’s society work because they have to, not because they want to.

We sit at desks all day doing work that we are not proud of nor is it fulfilling for us. It’s unfortunate that the perception of work has turned into something so negative. That the common reaction of going to work is “Ugh.”

I mean if we didn’t work what would we do all day? What would we be living for? We have 15 whole hours a day,105 hours a week, 420 hours a month, 5,040 hours a year! If you didn’t work would you seriously be watching Netflix for that long? People think that working is such a pain in the ass but yet if we didn’t work, we would be completely bored with ourselves and our lives. Work gets us out of the house everyday, it keeps our minds sharp, and if your lucky it gives you a chance to be creative and productive in society. So if we are spending so much time doing something, shouldn’t we at least like it?

How did we get to the point that the majority of us feel like we “have” to do something we don’t like over and over again? Why is it that we are so highly motivated by the money and tangible items that working a job we don’t like will bring us rather than the happiness and fulfillment we will feel while working a job we are passionate about? Why wouldn’t we rather do something we love to do everyday instead of dragging ourselves through the day because “we have to.”

Maybe I’m different but I just don’t buy it.

Believe it or not, every single person in this world is different. Meaning there is such a variety of ideas, skills, talents and creativity out there. So, here’s the ultimate question…

→  What is your unique skill, talent, or idea? ←

Whether it is painting, dancing, singing, taking care of people, treating the sick, educating, building, creating, driving, helping, fashion, make-up, drawing, traveling, running, caring, fixing, etc. DO IT! Do something that involves that skill or talent even slightly. Something that challenges you to be better but also allows you to be your true self.

If you read this and are like – “well I don’t know what I like to do” – then my challenge to you is: figure it out.

Take some time to yourself (not like an hour but like a month or so) and really figure out who you are and what your passions are. NOTE: It wont be easy, but it will be worth it.

You only have one life, don’t waste it waiting for your retirement when you can do all the things you said you wanted to do. If you don’t like your job quit. “I wish it was that easy” you might say. It is. The way I see it is you have the choice. You can choose to be miserable at a job you hate, or you can choose to change your situation. You can also choose to blame all your problems on other people. You can choose to put all your power in other peoples hands. You can choose to be unhappy doing the same things that make you unhappy every single day. OR you can choose to change it. You can choose to start over. You can choose to be happy. You can choose to whistle while you work. I believe in you. Good Luck.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle


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