Selling Your Home in ANY Season


The general idea is that the late spring is the best time to sell your home. Actually, according to the Huffington Post, Zillow just did a recent study and concluded that homes sold from May 1 to May 15 sell on average 18.5 days sooner sold for 1% higher compared to homes not sold during this time frame. We can collectively agree that selling your home in late spring or early summer is ideal.

However, what if you need to sell your home during a different season? Here are some tips I gathered that will help you sell your home at any point in the year.

Sweet winter homeSince we live in New England, we are blessed with experiencing all four seasons, sometimes to an extreme. As I write this blog post it is currently snowing sideways, expecting 18+ inches, temperatures are in the 20’s, and it’s the middle of March. This being said, here are some tips to sell your home in the dead of winter.

  • Keep all snow and ice cleared away from walkways and stairs. Agents and buyers want to see that your home is well maintained and you definitely don’t want a potential buyer to slip and break a leg! I can almost guarantee you will not get the sale.

  • Stage the outside of your home adding to curb appeal. Try to have your decorations appeal to a wide variety of buyers. This means the big blow up Santa’s and reindeer on the of may have to stay in storage this year.

  • Let the light in by opening all shades and curtains. This makes your home look welcoming and pleasant even if there is snow outside.

  • Keep it warm. You want buyers to walk into your home and feel comfortable. You want to make them feel like they could take their coat off and stay a while, considering they are contemplating living there.

home_with_cherry_tree_blooming_in_frontAs we mentioned, spring is the probably the best time possible to sell your home. Here are some simple things you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers.


  • Yard work is key. Although it isn’t ideal especially if you are moving because you don’t want to maintain the yard anymore. Cut the grass, make it green, clean up the shrubs. Curb appeal is HUGE to buyers.

  • Do some spring cleaning. Clean up windows and corners you may have neglected the last few months. A sparkling clean home will impress new buyers and you won’t have so much to clean once you sell.

  • Bring spring indoors. Cut fresh flowers like tulips and daisies and add a nice vase on the table or in the kitchen to bring in that fresh spring air.

  • Add color to your space. Bright colors are appealing to people in the spring time. We just spent all winter looking at browns and whites and we are ready to experience some color again! Add some colorful throw pillows and towels to make your home pop with color.


Home TourWhen selling in the summer, you want to appeal to what people want/ like to do in the summer. Be outside.

  • Play up the outdoor seating area. Clean up your deck or patio and add some nice outdoor furniture and decorations to get buyers to envision themselves there on warm summer nights.

  • Keep the air flowing. If you don’t have the luxury of central air, use ceiling fans to help circulate the air with windows wide open. You want to avoid hot, stagnant air that may make buyers feel uncomfortable. Try to avoid noisy window fans, standing fans, and window AC units.

  • Mow the lawn twice a week. This may seem excessive but grass grows quickly in the summer and you never know when you will have a potential buyer stopping by for a showing or driving by to check out the curb appeal. Stay on top of your outdoor appearance.

    Energy Certificate conceptIf you’re trying to sell in the fall or if your listing doesn’t sell in the summer and is being carried over to fall, here are some tips to make sure you sell before winter.

  • Update pictures. If your pictures are from the summer but leaves are changing and the overall curb appeal is different, make sure your reflect that in your listing.

  • Clean up the yard. Although fall clean up is a tedious and grueling task, it must be done. As mentioned before, buyers want to know that you are caring for and maintaining your home and if your yard is racked it’s a good indication that the rest of the home is well cared for as well.

  • Check the HVAC. You want to make sure that your home has fresh clean air circulating. When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? If you do need to turn the heat on for a crisp fall day, you want to make sure there aren’t any unpleasant smells coming from the vents.

  • Accent your home with fall colors. Like adding spring colors to your home in the spring, fall colors are comforting. They make buyers feel good in your home and help them visualize their life in your home.


Contact me for any tips on when and how to sell your home. Hope this was helpful!


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