It’s Not About the Money $$$

Post inspired by “It’s Not About the Money” Audio-book by Bob Proctor. 




Ask yourself these questions and answer them in a comment! I want to know what your heart beats for. 

Why do you work?

Do you like your work?

Are you working towards a career, what and why?

Do you have a passion? What is it?

What does an ideal day look like to you?

What does your future look like?

Why do you want success or wealth?

What does success mean to you?

What does wealth mean to you?

If you acquired a large amount of money, what would you do with it? Why?

What are your hobbies?

Would you rather have things or experiences?

Would you rather have time or cash in the bank?


I want to know the answers to these questions simply because I am curious about why people live. I want to know what peoples passions are and I want to help people connect with their passions. In today’s world we don’t give a lot of focus to these very important factors. We sift through life because we have to, not because we want to. When we do this, we build up a lot of negative energy inside of us that is waiting to explode. We get bitter towards the world and the people around us because our life didn’t turn out the way we expected. We develop this victim mentality because we feel like we have no control. We need to know why we live. If all I can do to help you find that answer is write a silly blog post and ask you to answer some simple questions, not for me but for yourself, I feel like that’s a pretty decent ripple to start.

This blog post is inspired by an audio-book I recently purchased. I bought it because I have felt really caught up in life the past few weeks and I felt like I wasn’t giving myself enough time to focus on my me, my mind, my heart, and my soul. After all, the best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself.

This audio-book is called “It’s Not About the Money” by Bob Proctor. I chose this specific book because as a real estate agent/investor, I do not get paid on a regular bases. I am a bartender on Moody St in Waltham part-time to make ends meet financially. I also make traveling a priority at this time in my life (because money will never be an excuse for me to miss out on an opportunity). So as you can imagine, money get’s tight sometimes. People may say, why do you work at your office full time if you aren’t getting paid? Why don’t you get a full time job and do real estate part time? My answer: it’s not about the money. Although money was one of the motivations to get involved in real estate, I have come to realize that the fulfillment I get when I see a home go from old and outdated to new, when I find someone their dream home, or give an investor an opportunity to make money, that is enough for me. I know that by rendering my services to society and becoming the best I can at my service, I will succeed. So, why do you do what you do? Does your work fulfill you are you solely working for money? Do you just want cash or do you want all the things that cash can bring you?

Bob Proctor talks about adapting a “wealthy mindset.” This means taking your mind out of the normal mindset of making money (getting a job, trading time for dollars, working long hours to be productive, etc) and changing it to a mindset of the wealthy.

Here are 5 steps to take to adapt a wealthy mindset: 

  1. Dispose of all limiting beliefs about money.  

    Think about the general attitude towards money. People say things like “money is the root if all evil,” “money isn’t everything,” “the rich are greedy,” etc. In some situations this is true. Money tends to bring out your personality more. If you are a greedy stingy person, more money will make you more greedy. BUT if you are a generous, compassionate person, money will only escalate that personality. Write down you limiting beliefs about money and then write down all the good things you would do if money wasn’t a factor. 

  2. Decide you want to be wealthy and justify why.

    One of the corollary of the Law of Abundance states “People are poor because they have not yet decided to be rich”.

    Your why is your biggest motivation. It is the reason why you want to be wealthy. I can almost guarantee you don’t just want to stare at a 7 digit bank account or bath in a tub of gold. You want all the things that money can buy. You want the freedom of not having the responsibility of a job. You want to not worry about money ever again. Whatever it is, know your why and focus on it. Write down all the reasons why you want to be wealthy. Think deep. 

  3. Determine how much you want 

    So obviously we can’t pin point the exact amount of money we need to live a financially free life, right? Well we can start with rough numbers. How much do you live off now? How much more do you need to be comfortable in your life now? Maybe an extra $2-3,000/ month, maybe an extra $200-300,000/ month. Who knows, all you have to do is figure it out and write it down. 

  4. Brainstorm on how to get there

    There are so many angles you can take to being wealthy. The best thing you can do is start multiple sources of income. So what if you wanted to get from point A to point B? There probably multiple routes to get there. When you’re planning your route, your mind starts considering all the options and may cause you to act on one. During that time, your wealthy mindset may attract different opportunities, encouraging you to change course and go through a unique and exciting situation. Write down all your ideas on how you can start to earn money, ideas for a new business, services you can provide, etc.

  5. Imagine as if you already have it

    Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans. We are also the only species on Earth that has an imagination. People may think that this only something we use when we are young. Wealthy people use their imagination ALL the time. They first saw their life the way wanted it in their imagination before it was reality. Bob Proctor always says “believing is seeing.” When you can believe something, only then can it become a reality. Visualization puts your emotional wavelengths on a level that will attract you thoughts into reality. Believe or don’t, you life will reflect accordingly. Make a vision board and, putting a collection together of pictures reflecting the life you want to live and look at it every day until you can close your eyes and imagine yourself already living there. 

Whatever you do, just remember; IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. 


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