About Lowell:

Lowell is a unique city. It’s rough around the edges yet has a lot to recognize and appreciate. For starters, the history. Lowell was one of the first industrialized cities in America. Between the mills, the canals, the trollies, and the cobblestone roads in downtown, there’s a lot that gets over looked around here. The city had an enormous boom of immigrants in the early 1900’s. Mills & homes were being developed, people came here to achieve the “American dream”. During the great depression, things started going downhill. Mill workers had a steady decrease in pay and were treated inhumanely and mid-century Lowell started to become less and less populated. Mills, houses, and building were left abandoned for years. Around the 1970’s developers started investing in these mills and buildings, and what is now the University of Lowell started to show face. After the Korean War and Vietnam wars, Lowell saw an influx of Southeast Asian refugees. It’s easier to appreciate what we are now by understanding where we have been. Now Lowell is home to one of America’s prestigious higher education complexes, UMASS Lowell. I see this expansion helping Lowell in positive ways by increasing economy, recognition and diverse population.


About the Author:

Hi, my names is Allyssa Guerin and I am the author of this blog. I’m the owner/CEO of a real estate solutions business, a licensed realtor in MA, and loving, passionate, curious, free spirited human being. I believe in the universe and the power that lies within every single one of us. I believe in people and the good that can be done with a few simple steps. I believe in love and in harmony. In the connection, we all have with nature and every living being that surrounds us. I believe in energy and vibes. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that all of us have a reason for being here. I believe that every single person can truly have and be anything they have ever dreamed of. Call me far fetched, a hippy, or whatever you want. But just know, I believe in you. (:

My passion for real estate comes from my passion for helping people and my life goal of providing value to those around me. I love that real estate involves homes. Places that people hold so many memories and good feelings. There no better sense than a sense of home and I want to give as many people the sense of home as possible. This involves turning old homes into new, helping people out of difficult situations causing their home to be a burden, and finding people new homes.


Thanks for reading. Namaste.